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After having been invited to DEUS, holistic assessments of your health are performed periodically. Optionally, you can link your wearable to our platform to track your vitals and add data to the integrated picture that is created. All the insights gathered are available on your digital dashboard alongside actionable recommendations to not only prevent diseases but to continuously improve your health. In addition, we offer you expert consultation via our website dashboard, telemedicine counseling, and our app. This integrated, person-centered approach aspires to yield the best health outcomes and satisfaction for our members.

What we measure

At DEUS, we aim to get the most precise picture of your health possible. Longitudinal analysis of your biomarkers, along with imaging data and several clinically established functional parameters, integrates molecular and organismal data to provide a detailed unbiased overview of the individual system. This process of holistic deep profiling and precision health provides us with a baseline of your health status from which deviations can be continuously explored via your personal dashboard and during your regular diagnostic assessments. 

We know that health records are highly sensitive and privacy is of utmost importance for you. Therefore, we comply with the highest data protection standards to allow accessing your health data only you and our medical and analytical team.


Blood Analysis

An extensive analysis of your blood and other biospecimens, such as urine, is performed to yield important insights into your body's health.

Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging procedures such as MRI and ultrasound provide us with in-depth vision into your body, including structural indicators from bones and organs.

‍Functional Testing

The functional tests focus on your physiological performance, including spiroergometry, orthopedic examination, ENT examination, eye examination and more.

‍Cognitive Testing

To assess your neurological and mental health, we will test, among other things, your memory, focus and stress management abilities.

Additionally, we can integrate self-generated data from wearables into the assessment.

Depending on your choice of package, the examinations and information you receive can cover a different extent. 

Your benefits

A health assessment at DEUS differs substantially from a regular check-up at your GP. By taking an extended period of time for every one of our members, we are able to provide you with a holistic picture of your body and its health status - not only a few vitals. On top of that, we are consistently by your side when it comes to analyzing, interpreting and periodically reasessing the data. Early signs of de-regulation of distinct molecular mechanisms may be detected several years or even decades before a disease can be diagnosed based on functional deficits.

We serve you recommendations that are tailor-made to your results, comprehensive and easily practicable to improve your health. The biggest benefit of all is therefore a longer, healthier life.

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