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A paradigm shift for a healthier life

By gaining the most in-depth picture of your body, we enable you to live healthier and longer. Traditional medicine is focused on reacting to problems when they arise. It is time to prevent problems before they arise to help you live your life to the fullest. Traditional medicine is curative and focused on keeping you alive. It is time to adopt a preventive approach and focus on keeping you healthy.

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OUR Approach

We create
your digital twin

Discover what your body already knows

DEUS uses a wide array of diagnostics to create an individualized profile for you. With deep biomarker profiling, blood analysis and state-of-the-art imaging equipment, we collect more than 160GB of unique data. With your unique profile, we can approach your health holistically and provide you with the best actionable recommendations. 

Digital Twin

Understanding your complex biological system

What our deep biomarker profiling can tell about your true health state

Cell processes in the human body are very tightly connected, even though they may be very different. By layering different diagnostic assessments on top of each other, we can generate a multidimensional view of human biology and uncover novel and highly personalized insights on health.


Your unique data is compiled in your profile and analyzed

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Want to have a look inside your body? Get up to speed with the newest diagnostic technology.

Obtain your physiological assessment through diagnostics such as ECG & spirometry, audio & visual tests, and even quality imaging techniques such as MRI or ultrasound.

New Data Generation for Digital Twin

Your body is composed of trillions of cells. Every cell contains crucial information about your health.

Especially blood biomarkers can reveal decisive insights of your body on the cellular level which we use to create your digital twin.

New Actionable Insights

Knowledge is power, but only becoming apparent in application.

Together with our team of physicians, we will provide you with actionable insights to improve your health span and take control of your health.

Continuous Health Improvement

Medical research evolves, requiring ongoing customized care for our customers. 

Seize our state-of-the-art examinations, such as cognitive performance and mental state tests, to continuously track and improve your health.

Blood Analysis

An extensive analysis of your blood and and other biospecimens, such as urine, is performed to yield important insights into your body's health.

Functional Testing

The functional tests focus on your physiological performance, including spiroergometry, orthopaedic examination, ENT examination, eye examination and more.

Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging procedures such as MRI and ultrasound provide us with in-depth vision into your body, including structural indicators from bones and organs.

Cognitive Testing

To assess your neurological and mental health, we will test, among other things, your memory, focus and stress management abilities.

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OUR MEthod

How it works

Continuous assessments provide crucial insights that directly impact your health.

A health assessment will be the starting point of our preventive therapy. Based on your individual case, you will receive actionable recommendations in form of a personalized plan. To track your improvements and optimize your plan, we reassess your health periodically.

Discover our method
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Knowledge is the key to unlock your full health potential. 

Have a look at recent scientific research to learn more about precision health, the benefits of prevention or the power of data in healthcare!

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